I’ve always wanted to be an artist ever since high school. I was under the impression that I had to draw and render real world things. When I discovered that I could paint and draw something that didn’t exist I became hopeful. I am a self-taught abstract artist. I’ve been painting since May 2008. I enjoy working with my hands and being creative. I love color. I explore opposites through layers of color. I am constantly building up the surface and then tearing back into it, covering up what lies below.  I do not shock. I don’t believe in painting the vulgar. I sign my paintings on the back, never on the front. This allows the owner to orient the piece of art any way they want to as often as they want.

John Brian Sommers (born August 17, 1965) is an American abstract artist. He was born in Canton, Ohio. He is self-taught. He began painting abstract art in May of 2008. A member of the Sangres Art Guild in Westcliffe Colorado from 2008 to 2009. When there, he won best of show in a local competition. In his teens, he played classical double bass. He trained under David Young in California as well as the late Grace Sexton in Sarasota Florida. Spent one season playing in the former West Coast Symphony Orchestra under the late Paul Wolfe. Favorites include; jazz and acapella choral music. He lived thirty years in Sarasota Florida. Currently, he resides with his wife Lillie in Aiken, South Carolina where he works out of his home studio painting fine art abstract paintings.

Brian Sommers
cell: 330.466.6369